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Can Probate Be Avoided?

The process known as Probate is essentially the filing of a lawsuit in Probate Court to settle an estate either according to the terms of someone’s Will or through the Laws of Intestacy, if they died without a Will. As Probate can be quite costly in terms of both time and money, this question often

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We know you don’t need to add to your holiday To Do list but when is there a better time to be thinking about your family’s future?  Creating a Will could be the best gift you give them.  A Will allows you to determine how your assets are distributed and who is going to be

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If you don’t have a will, or have one that is old, the thought of calling numerous attorneys to ask about the process and the cost can be overwhelming.  And if you are thinking about Revocable Living Trust, you may not have a clue where to begin.  Legacy Trust and Wills has made it our

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A “Power of Attorney” is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business or some other legal matter. This written authorization may also be referred to as a “Durable Power of Attorney” of a “Financial Power of Attorney”. The person authorizing the other to act is the “Principal” and

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Trust Amendments – What are They?

A Trust Amendment is a legal document that changes specific provisions of a Revocable Living Trust but leaves all of the other provisions unchanged. A Revocable Living Trust is a legal contract between the Trust’s maker, called the Settlor or Grantor, and the Trustee, which may be changed at any time and requires the Trustee

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A Will and a Living Trust are two (2) separate and unique documents.  Consequently, there are several differences between them.  The most important difference is how these documents relate to Probate, which is the Court administered process by which the decedent’s assets are collected, their liabilities are liquidated, necessary taxes are paid and property is

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Why do I need a Revocable Trust?

A revocable trust is the central feature at the heart of a modern estate plan. But what, exactly, is it?  And what does it do for you and your family? Think of a trust as your own corporation. You, the trustee, are the CEO. That means you have all the decision-making power. Your beneficiaries are