Making a Will

How to make a legal will.

Our experienced estate planning attorneys are dedicated to taking the mystery, complexity and anxiety out of online estate planning for you.

  • We make the process simple, convenient and affordable.
  • We explain everything, step-by-step, so you understand exactly what your personalized plan includes—and how it helps you and your family.
  • Most important, we’re local. Legacy Trust & Wills is an attorney backed estate plan service of Craig, Deachman & Amann PLLC, a highly respected law firm in Manchester, serving New Hampshire families and businesses since 1929.

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Who needs a will?

Making a WillYou do. If you own a home, titled property or investments, are married or have a family, you and your loved ones can benefit from a legal will and detailed estate plan. A personalized estate plan gives you the opportunity to decide:

  • Who will make decisions about your healthcare and your finances if you are ever unable to do so.
  • How your property will be distributed upon your death—without the delay and expense of probate court.
  • Who will raise your children, if it becomes necessary.

An estate plan can protect your assets, preserve your wealth for future generations, and protect your family’s privacy by preventing your will and testament from becoming public record.