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Last Will and Trust


With numerous celebrity deaths in recent months, you’ve probably heard a lot about Wills and Probate. And you’re probably aware of the problems that can arise when someone dies without a Will. Were you to die intestate – that is, without a Will – you won’t have an executor, who is the person who manages

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Can Probate Be Avoided?

The process known as Probate is essentially the filing of a lawsuit in Probate Court to settle an estate either according to the terms of someone’s Will or through the Laws of Intestacy, if they died without a Will. As Probate can be quite costly in terms of both time and money, this question often

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We know you don’t need to add to your holiday To Do list but when is there a better time to be thinking about your family’s future?  Creating a Will could be the best gift you give them.  A Will allows you to determine how your assets are distributed and who is going to be

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You’ve had your will (or living trust) drawn up and have checked that task off of your “to do” list.  Where is it?  Who knows where it is?  And the same questions can be asked about your Power of Attorney, your Advanced Directive, Living Will and HIPAA Waiver. We receive numerous phone calls from people

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If you don’t have a will, or have one that is old, the thought of calling numerous attorneys to ask about the process and the cost can be overwhelming.  And if you are thinking about Revocable Living Trust, you may not have a clue where to begin.  Legacy Trust and Wills has made it our

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Will Codicils – What Are They?

A “Codicil” is a document that amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed Will.  Amendments made by a Codicil may add or revoke small provisions (such as changing an executor or executors), or may completely change the majority – or all – of the gifts under the Will.  Each Codicil must conform to the same

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A Will and a Living Trust are two (2) separate and unique documents.  Consequently, there are several differences between them.  The most important difference is how these documents relate to Probate, which is the Court administered process by which the decedent’s assets are collected, their liabilities are liquidated, necessary taxes are paid and property is

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There is Nothing “Simple” about a Simple Will

A “simple” will is exactly what it sounds like – a stripped down version of a Last Will and Testament. A simple will is a form that allows the testator (the person making out the will) to simply fill in the blanks, leaving instructions on how to administer their estate after their death. Though a


What makes up an Estate Plan?

Think estate plans are just for the wealthy? The fact is, just about anyone with a home and a family can benefit from sophisticated estate planning. A well-crafted estate plan can do a lot for you and your family when it matters most. In fact, a modern estate plan is not just about death. It